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He woke up at 4AM in a cold sweat, realizing his boss was going to be furious over the problems his team was having with their biggest customer. He had done everything his boss has asked him to do but he knew he was going to take the blame. As he walked into the office, the energy was tense. The looks on his co-workers' faces were terrifying enough to scare away a hungry lion. He knew he was in for the tongue lashing of the century even though these problems weren't his fault.


If ONLY he would have listened to his intuition last year when he got a call for an interview for the Director level job opportunity. If he would have taken the chance to interview with that company, he would likely not be in this predicament today. 


Situations like the one above happen every day in the corporate world. Many of us are so terrified of change that we don't want to take the risk to make a move into a new Executive Management role that might change our life forever. Making changes isn't for the faint of heart. We know that in order to actually get these jobs, we need practice interviewing, and showcasing our unique abilities.


Let's face it, this isn't child's play. We need expert help from people that have experience working with both Executive hiring authorities, and Executive job candidates. Knowing both ends of the Executive hiring perspective is an extremely unique skill set that many don't possess.... and our company has done this our whole career.


Because each Executive Candidate, Resume, Job Interview, and Hiring Process is unique to itself, experience is invaluable in the hiring process.


After 15 years of coaching both Executive Hiring Managers and Executive Job Candidates, we can help you through every pitfall, challenge, and situation you can imagine. Unlike most career coaches, we use our knowledge and experience working with Executive Hiring Managers AND Executive Job Candidates to YOUR advantage in the hiring process. 


Last November I got a call from an experience Sales Executive with 22 years of experience in Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Tapes markets. He had been with one company for 15 years. He was connected with many other professionals, and he established himself as a leader in his industry. He had been with a company in New York City but they were going through massive internal management changes. The rumor was, the company was being sold.


The Sales Executive was desperate to make a move into Executive Sales Management. His biggest challenge was, "How do a I find a new Executive Sales Management job without having prior Sales Management experience?" 


We knew we could help with our

Executive Career Coaching

We took a methodical, hands-on approach from the ground-up by:

  • Identifying his long/short term goal & designing a plan of action
  • Optimizing his personal brand message on his resume, cover letter & social media accounts.
  • Using his networking skills & contacts to find Executive Career opportunities
  • Helping him to prepare and practice to Master the Job Interview
  • Giving him the tips & tools to position himself for a Job Offer


That Sales Executive worked with us for several weeks on coaching, preparing, and practicing. After a 2nd interview with an International Manufacturer, he was offered and accepted a Vice President of Sales position. He now manages a growing Sales team in North America with revenues over 50MM in Sales.


Taking the first step was the hardest part.

He signed up below and started by consulting with us here:


Angelo Giallombardo


Angelo Giallombardo

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Follow Your Calling

You've had it in you from the moment you started your career.

You knew you were a Manager, a Visionary, a true Executive Leader.

You've watched as your boss or other co-workers accepted the Executive Management role, but you know it's your turn.

You feel it... there is no time to waste..... it's YOUR TIME TO GROW INTO LEADERSHIP.



Never Regret...

They say that TIME is the most precious commodity in our lives because we can NEVER get it back.

What were you doing the last few years of your life?

Were you where you want to be right NOW in your career?

Don't be a person that lives with career regrets...........because you don't want to wake up one day and ask yourself, "Why didn't I go for my career dreams when I had the chance?" 

It's starts with you.... it's starts NOW!


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